Version Commission: Terms and Conditions

1. The selection decision will be made on the following criteria (in no particular order):

The quality of the idea
The quality of the director’s showreel
The director’s ability to work within a tight budget
The director’s ability to adapt existing literary work and work with external writers (whether this is demonstrated through past experience or in the application)
The director’s willingness to work with others (see below)
The willingness of the author to have their work adapted according to the proposal

2. The organisers reserve the right to commission less than 3 films if the standard of applicants is insufficient

3. Directors must be prepared to work with an assigned producer; this is not open to negotiation. The producer’s role will be to keep the productions on budget, and the shoots on time, to help the director source cast and additional crew, and where necessary bring in appropriate people, so as to ensure the team aspires to the highest possible production quality standards in the most cost effective way.

4. If the producer decides that an additional crew member is necessary, and can source them within budget, their decision on this matter is final.

5. Purely directorial decisions are director’s and the director’s alone.

6. The deadline for proposal submissions is Fri 29 May. A shortlist of six directors will be invited for an informal interview on the w/c 8th June. The final decision will be made by 16 June. If a proposal is good enough, but the original author not willing to have their story adapted, the director will be given the opportunity to select a another story. In this case the final decision may be delayed until Fri 26th June.

7. Once selected directors must be willing to meet the organisers on a regular basis during July and August to discuss script development. An unwillingness to meet and work with the organisers on script issues may result in the budget being pulled and being allocated to another project.

8. Production will begin in early July and directors will have two months to shoot their film and a further month to edit it. Films must be completed and delivered tio the organisers by Wed 30th Sep on all four formats: BetaSP, DVD, miniDV and data file (.mov or .avi). Editing will be done with the help of a combination of parties, freelance editors, Futureworks, and Lion Eyes Television. If this delivery is not made on the above dates and formats, the organisers reserve the right retain and/or reclaim some or all of the budget committed to the project.

9. Finished films will be premiered at the Version Film Festival (Cornerhouse, Sat 14th Nov), as part of a wider festival of short films celebrating literary-film adaptations. Otherwise directors will be given 9 months from premiere to promote the film exclusively to festivals, broadcasters and distributors. If after this period no distribution deal has been signed, the organisers will have the right to stream the whole film on its various websites (,,, its sponsor’s, and through social media (youtube, facebook, etc).

10. Any distribution deal or payment resulting from a broadcast or screening will be subject to the terms of (a) the permission agreement between filmmaker and author and/or (b) the original publication agreement between author and the organisers.

11. Inclusion of an author’s work in Comma’s backlist does not guarantee the author’s permission. Additional permission will need to be sought in each case, by the organisers on their and the director’s behalf.

12. All finished films must include a full, prominent credit for the author of the original story, as well as less prominent but detailed credit of the title of the original story, publication title, publisher and date of publication in the closing credits. Comma Film must also be accredited in the closing credits by the inclusion of the Comma Film logo preceded by wording ‘In association with’. Full text to be provided by the organisers during the edit process.


Version Film Festival is sponsored by Lion Eyes

Festival & Commission Partner Futureworks

With support from The Granada Foundation

Organised by Comma Press