If You Were

Dir. Tamzin Forster
Based on a poem by Julian Daniel
Cast: Ben Faulks

About the Film

A love poem mash-up of hypotheticals and superlatives, brought to life through a mixture of hand-drawn and stop frame animation.

Tamzin Forster is a freelance, visual artist who works with text, animation, illustration and photography. Often her work looks at language and communication, and the banal, everyday things that we overlook on a daily basis. Some of her video work has travelled more than she has, though she thought it was about time she did something new. She chose Julian’s poem for it’s quirkiness and simplicity. She wanted to create an animation which mirrored this, using various different animation techniques, of sand, 2D cut-out, 2D drawn, 3D cut out and 3D stop frame animation.

Showing as part of SHOWREEL 1: Version Verse, SAT 14 NOV, 1pm, Cornerhouse.


Version Film Festival is sponsored by Lion Eyes

Festival & Commission Partner Futureworks

With support from The Granada Foundation

Organised by Comma Press