Heart Wrap

Dir. Lisa Risbec
Based on a poem by Shamshad Khan
Voice: Shamshad Khan
RT: 1.54

About the Film

A beautifully paced and textured film, balanced against the dulcet readings of the poet herself, recalling a short voyage into emotional vulnerability, unwrapped passion, hurt, and eventual return to self-preservation.

Lisa Risbec is a photographer and filmmaker, specialising in stop-motion animation. Interested in telling stories visually and often using narration, her influences include old folk stories and songs, eastern european cities and towns, experimental animation and shadow puppetry (amongst others). Preferring to work with a traditional stop motion technique, she uses her own photography, found and made objects to create mixed media collage style animations.

Showing as part of Version Verse, SAT 14 NOV, 1pm, Cornerhouse.


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Festival & Commission Partner Futureworks

With support from The Granada Foundation

Organised by Comma Press